Sadbhuja Chanting Box White

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Product Descriptions

Chanting Sound Box includes Srila Prabhupada singing:

1) Pancha Tattva Mantra

2) Mahamantra Tune with Harmonium

3) Mahamantra Tune with Kartalas

4) Jiv Jago (1st verse)

5) Mahamantra Tune with Gong

6) Jaya Radha Madhava

7) Mahamantra Tune with Harmonium 2

8) Japa

9) Mahamantra Tune Kirtan

10) Govinda Jaya Jaya

11) Mahamantra Tune Kirtan 2

12) Japa with Shenai

13) Siksastikam (Verse 1)

14) Slow Mahamantra Tune with Harmonium

15) Japa 3

Very nice quality digital recordings. There is a 3D picture of Lord Caitanya's Sadbhuj form on the front. Works with three AAA batteries, or AC/DC adapter. Adapter included.

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